Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Pressure Pro

pressure_pro400x194No other system on the market today brings the reliability, durability, accuracy, ease of installation and simplicity of use that PressurePro™ does, all at a moderate cost. PressurePro™ adds greater safety for you and your motorcycle by alerting to unsafe low tire pressure conditions. Compare PressurePro™ to any other system on the market – it’s the only system that will read up to 6 wheel positions with pressures up to 150 psi.

» Safety First

Imagine the following scenario...

Its a late cold night and you and your wife are on a long ride home from a rally. Unfortunately you decided on taking a short cut, and had forgotten about the road construction. The motorcycle handling starts to feel vague. You remember that you last checked your tire pressure weeks ago.  You finally get the bike pulled over onto the shoulder as you reassure your passender that everything will be okay, its just a flat tire. You suddenly remember that your tire repair kit  is in the saddle bag.... of your other bike. It begins to rain heavily.

You vow to never experience this scenario again. Luckily for you, that is where PressurePro™ comes in. PressurePro™ monitors tire pressure constantly for you, providing information, which allows you to provide greater safety for yourself and the vehicle. Tires low on pressure run hot, damaging the casings and sidewalls and leading to tire problems. PressurePro™ alerts you to these dangerous tire conditions, ahead of time– allowing you valuable time to correct the problem. PressurePro,™ reliable under pressure.

» Reliable Under Pressure

PressurePro™ has been designed to alert to low tire pressures – under all types of conditions and situations. PressurePro™ has been engineered for accuracy and dependability – alerting you when a tire loses pressure. Proper inflation increases tire life and fuel efficiency as well as adding greater handling, braking and safety.

» Interesting Study

Acrobat Reader Required Click here to view the JD Power study results.

Progressive Fork Cartridges

Improved resistance to front brake dive

Improved front end stability & cornering

Improved bottoming control

Lifetime limited warranty

2001-2012 Honda Goldwing Models

MSRP $525.00 Exchange+shipping

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