Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Comments from the GL1800 board about Centramatic Balancers

I read the blogs. Watched the video. Understood the principle. Just like you are doing with my entry. One difference. I ordered them, installed them (took my time to polish the rims while the rotors were off)and was shocked! My Wing handles and responds like it should but didn't. I put 300 miles plus on them today and was blown away! It makes the bike stay put on the freeways. And we were cranking it! Went up Highway 74 like a Pac Man, gobbling up every curve smooth as silk. For the ride alone this product is worth it, add to that the possibilty of 35% plus "More" wear out of a set of tires. Best thing you can buy for your Wing. Mine is worth it!

Holy Mackeral - I need a sixth star to rate this amazing product!!! I noticed the difference within the first 100 feet!!! It smoothed out my ride instantly - like having a brand new set of tires after limping by on a set with 15,000 miles - only better. Anyone with a Gold Wing must have these balancers installed. It took my buddy and me exactly 1-hour to install the three balancers on my 2006 Titanium Wing. What a difference an hour makes. Recall this mantra and get these balancers NOW: What the bike wants, the bike gets!!!

After 14,000 miles, I have no cupping on my front tire. Both tires still have plenty of tread. I have Bridgestones on and love these balancers.
Hello everyone,

I just had my Centramatic Balancers installed this morning, then took a 120 mile ride. I wanted to give everyone who is following this "Centramatic Balancer" issue my initial impressions.

First, let me say that I just had new tires (E 3's) installed and balanced less than 1200 miles ago. Today, I had the balancers installed by a Honda dealer. My ride home was about 120 miles. Paying close attention to the way my Goldwing handled, I believe I noticed only minor improvement in handling. Most of my ride was 60 - 70 mph. The improvement was so subtle, I began to question myself if what I thought I was noticing was real or perceived. For the time being, I am attributing the "minor" improvements in handling to the fact that I have relatively new tires that are freshly balanced on the bike. My Goldwing rides very smooth, both before and after the Centramatic's installation.

However, and for me, this is a big Goldwing seems to handle slow speed turns much better. You know, like a U-turn, figure 8's and circles (practiced in a parking lot). I readily noticed the head-shaking of low speed turns to be gone. I wasn't expecting this, and can't understand how the balancers could have affect on improved handling at such low speeds. Perhaps what I notice has more to do with the 2 balancers taking up more space on the front hub, thereby reducing the play in the wheel (?) I really don't know. But I notice the change, and I like it.

Time will tell how well they work otherwise. Longer tire life and smooth riding throughout the tires life would be great. Has anyone else experienced improved handling at low speeds
You will like them. We Traxxionize our bike in July, that softened the ride, made it feel like a motorcycle again. Or should I say like a motorcycle should feel. Installed the Centramatics last week now it carves corners, straightens straight stretches, feels solid as a rock. I can now take my hands off the bars and it doesn't head to the right. Very, very smooth ride!!! I asked my wife if I was fantasizing, she said she didn't think so, she appreciates the smooth, solid feel too.. ENJOY!!

OK, I bought a set of Centramatic Dynamic balancers at Wing Ding. I also replace the Avon Cobra's with Metzelers at the same time. The Honda dealer that did the work balanced the tires after the install of everything (although the rear got weights for obvious reasons). The front kept the weights put on with the new Cobra (I recognized the size, location, and number; I saw them go on). I finally removed the front weights after 50 freeway miles. The rear weights came off after I got back home (2 weeks after Wind Ding). I usually like to ride and tank to tank 2,600 miles in 3 days was very easy. Easier than it used to be for me. Now, for tire wear.....

Observation 1: When the road is smooth, fresh, well paved blacktop; you can actually tell it is smooth..... the only close comparison is water skiing outside the boat wake when the lake looks like glass. This must be the contributor to less fatigue claimed in the ad and my quick trip back home from Ala. that is normally 3.5 to 4 days.

Observation 2: The flat spot in the center of the rear tire that normally comes with 3,000 miles of super slab in a short time span was absent. It is only now showing just a small hint at 6K.

Observation 3: After 6,000 miles, I normally would start seeing wear on the left side front tire. A good portion of the second 3K has been a really good mix of fast twisties (why I see wear on the left so soon). It just does not look like I have 6K on them yet. I have not been going easy on the twisties either as my chicken strips are normal for me with ME880's. I normally see much more wear this far along, especially on the front as I would normally be a third to a half way through the life of the tire (14-18K on a front). I should see longer tire life. I won't know how much until I need to replace them.

I knew about the benefit of the Dyna-beads and a smooth ride. I would rather use them on the car than the bike. Forget the TPMS in the tire, I would not want the beads beating up the inside of the tire on the bike. I thought with my 20-25K miles a year, I figured any extended tire life will eventually pay for the balancers. Any other benefit would be proof of it being worth it. I would have to say "It is worth it!".


Despite all the rave reviews regarding the centramatic balancers, i still had my reservations. However after installing them, i cannot stress how smooth they make the bike feel. There is not even a hint of vibration on the bars - even at above legal speeds. I took the original weights off my wheels, so the centramatics seem to be doing their job perfectly. I will update my review once i have covered 10 or 15,000 kms.
I installed these Centramatic Continuous Wheel Balancers on my GL1800 and took a short 60 mile test ride afterward. I am totally impressed with how smooth my GoldWing rides now. The Installation was straight forward and the documentation that comes with the product is complete. The bike now tracks in the lane with zero effort and curves are smoother and there is no vibration in the handlebars. Excellent Product! -Dave Dragon Ride it like you stole it
These GL1800 Centramatic wheel balancer's are one of the best purchases I made for my Gold Wing. After reading all the positive reviews, decided to try them. Install was easy, after rinstalling the Centramatic balancer' and riding the bike I was very impressed on how much smoother my bike felt compared to before installation. Don't hesitate, if you think your Wing rides smooth now, you won't believe how much smoother it feels after installing these. I'll re-post later as I rack up more miles to see if the tire mileage increases as well. Highly recommend this product! Frank
I had the same experience. Not only the low speed handling, but just after installing mine, I ran from PA to NC for Wings over the Smokies and about half way down, it came to me on a rare good piece of road that there was NO vibration at all. Just like noticing all of a sudden that it got real quiet at night. Hard to explain, but you'll see what I mean.
frt_tire_GW_smAlong those lines, I have a stone 709 on the front with about 9K on it and it looks great, no cupping and lots of tread left. Love the product. Enjoy


Well here goes. I have just installed me new Centramatic Wheel Balancers and boy do they make a difference. I have the full Traxxion on my 06 Wing and thought it handled great. Now after a short ride of 105 miles the bike handles like never before. If feels like it sticks to the road and it handles curves. Well I realy can't explain how it feels. I had a GPS mounted on my shield with a stick on mount and it always shook, now the shake is gone and the bike is as smoother than it has ever been. I just can't explain the differance.This is not an advertisement just an opinion on how this modifacation has inproved my Wing. I can't wait till some of the smarter peopleon this board try these an try to explain how they changed the ride on there bike. Thanks Buzz

I have had mine on for almost thousand miles. 700 pulling my Bushtec and three hundred.. two up.. slow and fast riding. Number one I don't put anything inside my tires except air. The Centramatic system was perfect for me to try. After a thousand miles I will never go back to lead weights. Another unexpected bonus from these balancers happened last weekend. Cut grooved roads can lead to the front end moving around....of course different tires may produce different feel. I run Bridgestones ( for seven years now) on my 1800 so know how they handle on certain roads. I was really surprised when the tires tracked straight and true over the groove cuts with the balancers.

Well that is it so far. I will be putting on another 700 miles or so this weekend so I may have additional comments. Geoffrey and his team have put together a very good product. I am an owner operator with 39 years in trucking so I knew in theory it had a good chance of working since it has been deployed on rigs for many years is a motorcycle, but the results are better than I ever expected.
Two weeks ago I had the double full-monty Traxxion set-up installed on the Wing. My comment at the time was that the bike went from being a jet to a fighter plane - the Traxxion install made me feel like I was flying with the Blue Angels. This past weekend I had the Centramatics installed on the front and the back. Now the bike has goine from handling like a fighter jet to a rocket! I have no experience with the beads in the tires so I can't compare to those, but the Centramatics definitely smooth out the ride even more so. My test was to see if I could ride better "no-handed" with the Centramatics and it definitely improves the ability to ride with no hands on the bars. And before you guys lay into me for riding no-handed, I don't make a habit of it, I just figured it would give me a true feel for how the Centramatics were working.

These two upgrades have really made a difference with this machine! Were they worth the money? That's up for debate, but I sure would do it again.

Ok. First of all I do not have anything to do with Centramatic. This is very short, I just returned from a 12 day tour of the west. If you have the money buy em......... My bike felt better than ever. (I also have full Traxxion. I will have a hard time explaining how the bike handles but it sure tracks GREAT!! Go ahead and ask questions. Also I avg 40.5 mpg. I was at 36 mpg. Go figure. Thanks Buzz
Glad you're home safe Buzz. I knew you would like the balancers....I went from 42 mpg avg. to 45.5 avg. I'm leaving early in the morning for Maine, then Nova Scotia. I'll have 22,000 on my 09 by the end of next week....and my third set of tires - I'm glad I got the Centramatics too....good stuff!

I had about 11000 miles on my 2008 bike.  I put on new Bridgestones to replace the factory originals and installed the Centramatics at the same time.  I went for a 4,000 mile ride over a 10 day period.

The Centramatics definitely smoothed out the ride.  There is less vibration in the handlebars than there was before.

When I had to ride on long stretches of chewed up blacktop, where they have stripped the top layer of asphalt for later resurfacing and left all of the ridges behind, it seemed to me that the bike did not want to follow those ridges nearly as much as in the past, thus it felt more sure and stable.

Gas mileage in the first 11K miles averaged 39.7 mpg.  Gas mileage in the next 4K averaged 42.8.

I do feel like when I hit bumps, they are harsher than before.  That would seem to be consistent with adding the weight of the Centramatics to the wheel, i.e. when the front wheel hits a bump there is more mass being pushed against the suspension.

There is absolutely no sign of even the beginning of any cupping on the front tire.

I had the Centramatic wheel balancers put on at Wings Over the Smokies last Saturday. The install was rather simple and took about 30 minutes. As far as I can see one would have to take the rotors off before using a Harbor Freight tire changer and at the same time one would remove the balancers. I wasn't fully convinced they were going to work prior to having them installed but have since changed my mind. A couple of observations: I rode 180 miles after installing them and found they stabilized the bike at low and high speeds better than before the installation. They also appeared to improve the suspension compliance, which was a delightful surprise. Since I have the Traxxion full monty, I wasn't really expecting an improvement in handling but it has improved the handling. I'm no longer a skeptic. As far as them being pricey, I have about $3,000 worth of chrome, the full monty, custom seat etc. and because of the rain on Saturday was able to get them at a reasonable cost.:lol:

just wanted to let u know i have over 4,000 miles on the centramatics, wow i am very impressed and very happy that i bought them, very smooth its almost unbelieveable the difference they make, thanks for the nice deal !



Hey Buckskin, I purchased centramatics from you about 2-3 months back. I first installed the rear. WOW loved it. SOOOOTH.... way more noticable than the dynabeads.  I just installed the front today with the help of a friend who installed a new tire for me and install the centramatics. I made sure that the large part of the tubes were 180 degrees opposed to one another.  My question is. Should I hear a noticable sound coming from the front? It sounds as if I can actully hear the beads rotating inside the tube. This last up until about 40 mph then it seems to go away. But their is a noticable sound differnce at slower speeds.  Thanks



After 100 mi or so I can say that I'm ok with the $229 I spent on these.  Can't really explain it. It almost feels like the center of gravity has been lowered. (I know it hasn't moved)  Low speed handling seems to be the biggest area of improvement.  Parking lots and turning at intersections just feels smoother.  Now will they make my tires last 20K mi and get me 50mpg I doubt it, But they DO make the ride better.:thumbup:

Buckskin*, I've been riding with the Centramatic's I purchased from you for a few weeks now.  One word, AWESOME!  The bike just feels so much smoother!  I love these and would highly recommend them!  Thanks!  Warran.  :thumbup

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