Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Veskimo Personal Cooling Systems


Personal Cooling Systems for Extreme Heat-at Work, at Play...Anytime!

Any of our Veskimo Personal Cooling Systems combines a lightweight, breathable Personal Cooling Vest that is worn under your normal clothing, connected to one of three reservoir options; the 4.4 Qt Hydration Backpack, the 9 Qt Hand-Carry Cooler or the 4.4 Qt Mini-Cooler. The body cooling vest is supplied with ice water circulated from the reservoir via a high efficiency battery powered pump.


A Veskimo personal cooling system provides long-term heat stress relief, even when worn under heavy insulating clothing, resulting in more effective body cooling than any other cool shirt or cool vest on the market. It creates a microclimate of cool that easily fits under a T-shirt, jacket or motorcycle leathers, providing comfort in a wide variety of activities while allowing maximum mobility.

Perfect for sports, racing, motorcycling, bicycling, construction & industrial uses, and emergency workers in hot and humid environments. It is also a great solution for those with heat intolerant medical conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis or Dysautonomia. It is convenient and economical to operate using ordinary ice and AA batteries in a quick-change power pack (other power accessories available). The backpack system also serves as a source of on-demand, chilled and filtered drinking water.


Progressive Fork Cartridges

Improved resistance to front brake dive

Improved front end stability & cornering

Improved bottoming control

Lifetime limited warranty

2001-2012 Honda Goldwing Models

MSRP $525.00 Exchange+shipping

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