Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Pressure Pro


PressurePro™ provides Peace of Mind. Protect your vehicle and occupants with PressurePro™. RELIABLE UNDER PRESSURE™

Safety • PressurePro™ provides an alert when pressure is low, adding greater safety for you and your vehicle.

- Peace of mind knowing that your tires, your only contact with the road, are inflated properly for optimum performance and handling.
- Monitor displays current tire pressures for all tires.
- Tire pressure is constantly monitored, while moving or parked.
- PressurePro alerts to dangerous low-pressure situations with both a visual and an audible alert.
- Two thresholds of low tire pressure warnings - a double threshold of safety.
- Greater stability, handling and braking with tires properly inflated. Tires with low air pressures skid and hydroplane more easily.
- Each year 80,000 accidents are attributed to low tire pressure.

Economy • PressurePro™ assists in lowering maintenance costs, reducing fuel use and saving tire tread.

- Properly inflated tires last longer. The life of your tire is extended due to less tread wear.
- PressurePro requires no costly installation, installs in minutes with no tools.
- The monitor can easily be relocated from the primary to the towed vehicle with no additional installation.
- Properly inflated tires save fuel.
- Proper inflation protects and saves the tire casing, reducing the chance of blowouts and zipper rips.
- Properly inflated tires extend the life of tire treads by as much as 35%.
- Properly inflated and maintained tires save costly roadside repairs and down time.
- The Department of Transportation estimates that 5.4 million gallons of fuel per day (over 2 billion per year) are wasted due to low tire pressure.

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Environment • PressurePro™ is environmentally friendly, conserving precious resources.

- Tires wear longer saving valuable resources used to produce new tires.
- Properly inflated tires save fuel.
- Under inflated tires wear prematurely, adding to the landfill/disposal problem.
- Assists in preventing dangerous debris on the road from worn and unsafe tires and casings.
- Reduced rubber particulates in the air effecting air quality.
- Proper inflation prevents irregular tread wear preventing dangerous conditions that can lead to accidents. [/readon1]

Progressive Fork Cartridges

Improved resistance to front brake dive

Improved front end stability & cornering

Improved bottoming control

Lifetime limited warranty

2001-2012 Honda Goldwing Models

MSRP $525.00 Exchange+shipping

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